Music: R. Proepper, Words: A. Kowollik
1996 all rights reserved

Dig your seeds in the desert ground
The only ground that is yours
You won't drink for a hundred days
Dance a long dry dance, let the dust blow
Till it rains

Find yourself a country girl
Make her kiss you all day
Lay down, have a blue dream
Full of rain
A dream full of rain
Sweet, sweet rain

Paint your fears on the desert ground
The only ground that is real
Things can change in a million ways
Come on pray like a sinner
With your arms raised for the rain

Find yourself a gipsy girl
But don't let her brothers know
Don't talk while you spread her
On the straw
Lose yourself in her starry eyes
But don't forget what I said
Things change and you wake up
In the rain

Sweet, how she's dreaming
Cool, how she's screaming
Wild, how she's praying
In the rain
Playing in the rain
Sweet, sweet rain