Feel how you feel

Feel how you feel

Music: A. Kowollik, Text: A. Kowollik
© 1990 all rights reserved

Sometimes I'm hungry
Like a dog out on the streets
I am sniffin', I am beggin'
I would crawl for something sweet
You can see me in the moonshine
Chasing cats all down the lane
While you're sneakin' out your backdoor
But your lady calls your name
I'm a' howlin' for a bitch
To help me make it through the night
Yes I feel how I feel and that's alright

Sometimes I'm lazy
And I sleep my days away
And I can't see any reason
To get up - that's why I stay
Just exactly where I am
'Cause that's the place where I belong
And my bones are getting weaker
But my head is getting strong
I don't worry 'cause I know
I feel much better by tonight
Yes I feel how I feel and that's alright
Sing along

Yes I feel alright, yes I feel alright
Yes I feel alright, yes I feel alright
Yeah right, it's so right, it's gotta be alright

Somedays ago
I saw a man out on the street
With a wig up on his head
And high heeled shoes down on his feet
All the guys behind his back
Were laughing loud about his skirt
So the man was walking faster
And his tears fell in the dirt
It just can't matter if we're green
Or if we're gay or if we're white
We just feel how we feel and that's alright

Life ain't so easy
With a dustcloud in your head
Yes this world is getting crazy
And you work hard not to get mad
But you get juiced up, you get fed up
You get fucked deep down your brain
And some very few have fun
But all the rest just takes the pain
But as long as you stay cool
You might see I could be right
When I say:

Feel how you feel
You got to feel how you feel
I say feel
You got to feel - uuh

Yes we feel alright, yes we feel alright
Look we feel alright, yes we feel alright
Yeah right, so right
It's gotta be alright, yeah, yeah
Yeah right, it's alright
It's gotta be alright, yes alright
Yeah right, it's alright